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Prioritaire Rules tournament League Of Legends

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    League of Legends Tournaments Global Regulation.

    Table of Contents:

    1. General Information

    1.1. Application of Regulations.
    1.2. Teams Composition:
    1.2.1. Roster.
    1.2.2. Titular.
    1.2.3. Substitutes.
    1.2.4. Autoteams.​
    1.3. Schedule.
    1.4. Check-in.
    1.5. Stream.​
    2. Tournament Format.
    2.1. 5v5 Format.
    2.1.1. Match.
    2.1.2. Draft Phase.
    2.1.3. Game Mode
    2.1.4. Map
    3. Tournament Schedule.
    3.1. Check-in.
    3.2. Timetable.
    3.3. Match Conduct:
    3.3.1 Match Creation.
    3.3.2. Between Two Matches.
    3.3.3. Absence.
    3.3.4. Match Interruption.
    3.3.5. "Pause" Use.​
    3.4. Match Validation.​
    4. Prizes.
    4.1. Prizes’ Reception.
    4.1.1. Metaleak’s Prizes.
    4.1.2. Riot’s Prize.
    4.1.2. Receiving Prizes.
    5. Game Settings.
    5.1. Players.
    5.2. Game.
    6. Sanctioning.
    6.1. Behavior.
    6.2. Issues Resolving and Penalty Applicable.​

    1. General Information

    1.1. Application of Regulation.

    By participating to our tournaments, players accept to abide by these rules.

    Rules will apply to all our tournaments. It is participant’s duty to check on every rules’ update. Although, you will be informed should any changes happens.

    1.2. Teams Composition:
    • 1.2.1. Roster.
    During our League of Legends tournaments, a team may have up to 7 players. Therefore, a roster is to 5 titular and 2 substitutes.

    Keep in mind that each member must have a level 30 account and at least 20 champions to partake in a tournament.
    • 1.2.2. Titular.
    Titular are four players plus a team captain. Team captain role is to communicate with tournament’s administrators should any trouble arise (but indeed any player can contact administrators too if needed).
    • 1.2.3. Substitutes.
    Substitutes are here to make up for any titular’s absence. Replacement is final. A replaced player cannot return to the competition.

    Moreover, it is necessary to note that players receiving the rewards are the five Winners and not each team players.

    It is imperative to consider that the whole of the rules apply to all the players of a team, starting as substitutes.

    Any changes must be notified to an administrator and enemy team.
    • 1.2.4. Autoteams.
    Autoteams are somewhat particular, because of the random nature of these teams, absence probability of one member is high. Therefore, it is possible, with a limit of two players, to add an external person to the competition in these Autoteams.

    This player who is not registered on Battlefly must be signaled to an administrator to receive rewards.

    1.3. Schedule.
    Players have 15 minutes maximum to start their first game or may fall under disqualification. Should this happen, please contact an administrator to inform them of a team’s absence or any delay.

    Matches must start within 15 minutes after the tournament tree appears.

    In case of any trouble (long waiting times to connect to the game, server crashes...), games can be postponed by the administrators.

    However, participants are NOT allowed to postpone their game.

    If you have no opponents in the first round, you’ll automatically move on to the second round. If your opponent also passed in the second round, this match is played in place of the first. If not, you must wait for their match to end.

    1.4. Check-In.
    All players must be present one hour before the tournament for the check-in (directly on Battlefly). No delays will be accepted, once the check-in period is over, it will no longer be possible to register for the tournament.

    All latecomers as well as those absent during tournaments will be automatically disqualified.

    1.5. Stream.
    During our tournaments, it is likely that your matches will be streamed. This will be done randomly.

    By participating in a tournament, you agree to go live on our tournament's Twitch channel.

    Personal streaming is only allowed with permission of an administrator.

    2. Tournament Format.

    2.1. 5vs5 Format.
    • 2.1.1. Match.
    Tournament is played in the form of simple elimination (BO1).

    Bracket will be available on Battlefly website in the "bracket" section.

    Match Best of 1, 3, 5, 7.... This means that the winner of a match is the one who has won the greatest number of games according to the proposed "best of x".

    - Main tour: BO1
    - 1/4 Finals: BO1
    - 1/2 Finals: BO1
    - Final: BO1
    • 2.1.2. Draft Phase.
    During our Metacup tournaments, it is possible for you to make a Scrim like draft:

    During draft phases, because some players do not own every champion, it is possible to take one champion as a substitute for another, it is then compulsory to warn opponents.


    Blue team wants to have lux mid in first pick and first pick player does not own the champion. They then choose a substitute champion. Once the draft is finished, it will be re-launched for everyone to select their correct picks.

    To do this, it is mandatory, at picking time, to warn opponents that a substitute pick will be used or leaving the draft right after having taken the substitute champion to warn them!

    Once the draft is restarted, locked picks and bans cannot be modified.

    Hence the need for discord presence to communicate effectively.
    • 2.1.3. Game Mode.
    Game mode and configuration to use for this tournament when creating a lobby are:

    Name: Metacup {name of one of the 2 teams}

    Team size: 5

    Game Type: Tournament Draft

    Allow spectators: Lobby only
    • 2.1.4. Map.
    Map allowed during tournaments: Summoner Rift.

    3. Tournament Schedule.

    3.1. Check-in.
    All players must arrive 30 minutes BEFORE any tournament to check-in. No delays will be accepted.

    All latecomers, as well as those absent during tournaments, can be disqualified and might be sanctioned as well (temporary tournament ban).

    3.2. Timetable.
    Players have 10 minutes maximum (from bracket’s time spawn) to start their first game or risk disqualification. May this happen, please contact an administrator to inform them of any team’s absence or delay.

    Matches must start within 15 minutes after the tournament’s bracket appears. In case of issues with a game (long waiting loading time, server crashes, ...), games may be postponed by administrators. However, participants are NOT allowed to postpone their game.

    If you have no opponents in the first round, you automatically move on to the second round. If your opponent also passed in the second round, this match is played in place of the first. If not, you must wait for their match to end.

    Tournament starts at 9 pm and first round matches must have started by 9:20 pm (platform’s bracket spawning time is considered: around 3 minutes).

    3.3. Match conduct:
    • 3.3.1. Match creation.
    Each match must be created in tournament draft mode.

    Team at the top of the tournament bracket will be designated as the blue team and will create the game. In case a tournament code is available, using this code is mandatory.

    Should that provided tournament code be wrong (wrong game mode, not usable ...), players must manually create the game by following previous instructions.

    If a game is started without requested game mode, it must be restarted within 5 minutes from starting time.

    If an issue occurs during the game requiring a pause, but the creation mode does not allow it, if the game time is above 5 minutes, game must continue until its completion. Result will be considered valid.

    The fault belongs to both teams, one not having respected game creation procedure and the other not having verified if it was done correctly.

    May this game be played to complexion, it will be counted as valid and tournament will continue.
    • 3.3.2. Between two games.
    To ensure proper tournament-continuity, it is necessary to respect a maximum of 10-minute break between 2 matches, this only starts if both teams are available. Meaning any previous game has been completed.
    • 3.3.3. Absence.
    Should a team, for any reason, not show up for their game, that team will be disqualified.

    Time until disqualification is covered in section "1.3 Schedule".
    • 3.3.4. Match Interruption.
    If at launch a player cannot connect due to some technical problem, it is necessary to contact an administrator who will decide if this match will be restarted or not. This procedure must be done within 5 minutes after game start.

    If a match is involuntarily interrupted and if the issue is persistent, team captains must then inform administrators who will act accordingly.
    • 3.3.5. “Pause” Use.
    If a player has a disconnection, or other issue, teams can pause the game using “/pause”. Maximum break time is 30 minute per match, each team can use up to 15 minutes.

    Pausing cannot be used during team fights and/or major objectives shots (dragon, nashor, nexus, inhibitor, tower).

    That is because using a pause at an important moment can break the action and turn the tide in a way that is close to anti game.

    Exception only for a technical problem.

    3.4. Match Validation.
    At the end of each game, both captains must screen the results screen to avoid any dispute.

    After having communicated the scores, in case of complaint if no screen is sent, your complaint will be considered as null and void.

    If a team feels that they have been victim of a game infringement, players could carry on until the end, but it is strongly recommended to contact administrators who will decide on how to proceed.

    It is mandatory to provide proofs and as much valid information as possible, which could help the organizers and/or proofs (screen, video, ...). Without any data, administrator will not be able to intervene.

    Unjustified and repeated requests will be sanctioned.

    4. Prizes.

    4.1. Prize’s Reception.

    During tournaments organized by Metaleak, and during cash-prized tournaments, you will be asked to follow various simple, but necessary procedures to receive these rewards.
    • 4.1.1. Metaleak’s Prizes.
    For rewards provided by Metaleak, an administrator or tournament organizer will contact you at the end of the tournament with information necessary to obtain these rewards.
    • 4.1.2. Riot’s Prize.
    Rewards such as Riot Points and XP Boost, are provided directly by Riot as part of their tournament funding. It is compulsory to follow their redirection link set up on the tournament page (“Prizes” tab on Battlefly) and register each player.
    • 4.1.3. Receiving Prizes.
    Transmission of information to structures (Riot ...) is carried out in the week following the tournament, posing the delay of reception between 1 to 3 weeks.

    In the rare event that rewards have not arrived by the end of this deadline, it is required that you contact a tournament organizer and/or any Metaleak administrator to make your situation known and to resolve it as soon as possible.

    It is no longer a possibility to start the above-mentioned action after a period of 5 weeks following the maximum reception period (3 weeks), i.e. a period of 2 months from the end of the tournament.

    5. Game Settings.

    5.1. Players.
    Players use their own League of Legends account.

    Europe West server will be used to create your games.

    The use of third party programs is prohibited (cheating …).

    A voice server on Discord is provided to team (at least team captain is strongly advised to join it, to facilitate dialogue with administrators present on the tournament concerned).

    5.2. Game.
    Tournaments run by Metaleak Association are "Metacup Series" League of Legends.

    Game will be used with its latest patch available online.

    6. Sanctioning.

    6.1. Behavioral.
    All organizers have the power to enforce these rules regarding tournaments and all games. Tournament organizers may give warnings, penalties to players and take part in any infringements to apply a possible additional sanction.

    It is necessary to provide as much valid information as possible that could help organizers and/or proofs (bans screen, statistics screen, chat screen, video ...). Without these data, organizers will not intervene.

    Unjustified and repeated requests will be sanctioned.

    Organizers reserve the right to judge a person or team’s behavior and apply according sanction if necessary.

    Warning or sanction can be issued to a player for the following reasons:

    - Player is ignoring instructions given by an organizer.
    - Player disputes decisions taken by an organizer.
    - Player lies or attempts to mislead an organizer.
    - Player is aggressive and/or violent in their comments.
    - Player demonstrates unsportsmanlike behavior.
    - Player is having fun with spam during games.
    - Player is rude and insulting to another player and/or one of the organizers.
    - Player breaches rules.
    - Player cheats and/or uses unfair process.
    - Player is/will be late or absent during a tournament.
    - Player or team did not respect his opponent by showing improper behavior.

    This list of sanctionable behaviors is not comprehensive and may be subject to change.

    6.2. Issues Resolving and Penalty Applicable.
    In the eventuality of a conflict between participants, it is essential to contact an administrator before the match is over or as soon as possible if not in game.

    If administrators are contacted once game has ended, the faulty team will be disqualified only if the seriousness is deemed enough by administrators in charge of this conflict, but bracket cannot be modified.

    After investigation of any rules breach and depending on the seriousness of the infringement, a player who has received a sanction may also be disqualified, expelled and temporarily (or permanently) banned from participating in future tournaments.
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